In Dumuria, farmers are being encouraged to cultivate Malta with less capital.

In Dumuria, farmers are being encouraged to cultivate Malta with less capital.

Sheikh Mahtab Hossain Dumuria Khulna. Maltese farming is becoming popular in Dumuria. The yield is also good as the soil here is suitable for Maltese cultivation. With less space and less capital, the young people of Dumuria are leaning towards Maltese commercial farming. The Department of Agriculture says it is encouraging farmers to expand Malta cultivation in the future, as well as providing regular advice.
The best Malta orchards in the district are Malta-Guava mixed orchards of farmer Meher Ali in Raghunathpur union of Dumuria upazila, working while maintaining social distance to agricultural workers, distribution of masks, Malta orchards. He has benefited a lot by planting 100 Maltese saplings in his backyard out of curiosity and experimentation. He later leased four acres of land and planted a commercial orchard. Seeing his garden, many people of this upazila have now become interested in Malta cultivation. As it is chemical free, there is a great demand for this fruit in the market. Malta is being sold at Rs 200 per kg from the garden.
Meher Ali, owner of Malta Gardens in Dumuria, said, ‘I am interested to see a report on Malta spelling in the district upazila on television. In 2016, I started a Maltese garden with 50 trees on only 10 acres of land given to me by my father. Since then I have not had to look back. I sell Malta for three and a half lakh rupees a year. My bigha land has a variety of fruit saplings including Malta trees for more than 60 years. The young men of the area have planted more than one hundred and fifty gardens with the help of Maltese trees from me.
He added that his garden has a variety of local and foreign mangoes including Malta as well as colorful mangoes, dates from Saudi Arabia, sweet oranges and litchi trees from Dinajpur. However, he has paid special attention to Malta. In his garden, Barimalta-1 (Paisa Malta), Berikata Malta of Thailand and Indian Traditional Malta are being cultivated. Although the tree begins to bear fruit within two years of planting, a tree begins to bear full fruit in three years. A three-year-old tree holds 400 to 450 malts per season. At present 5 people work to take care of his garden. I saw that many of the unemployed youth in the area are eliminating unemployment by gardening in Malta. Meher Ali Malta is also sold in the fruit market of the neighboring Khulna Daulatpur town. Fruit traders came from far and wide to buy Malta from his garden. Many also buy Malta with advance booking. With government patronage and low-interest bank loans, he will cultivate improved varieties of Malta on a larger scale. He dreams of spreading the name of the nursery all over the country, including marketing his garden in Malta. He also said that he wants to start a cattle farm.
Hossain Sardar of Arshangar village in Dumuria upazila said, “In my garden, not only non-toxic Maltese but also foreign varieties of mango including Saudi dates will start growing in a few days.” I want the youth of the area to support such gardens. Anyone can take advice from me in this regard.
Visiting the Maltese garden, it is seen that Meher Ali is busy selling malt to wholesalers in his Maltese garden. Wholesalers from different places are packing Malta by weight in his garden. Besides, visiting the garden of Khandaker Iqbal Mahmud of Bikna village of Sadar upazila, it was seen that he was tending Malta trees in the garden. In 2016, he planted 200 Maltese saplings on three acres of land. Every tree has been bearing fruit since last year.
He said the yield this year has been much better than last year. He expects to sell Malta for five to one million rupees this year. He said he would expand the garden in the future. He advised the unemployed youth to become self-reliant in this way.
In this regard, Dumuria Upazila Agriculture Officer Md. Moshaddek Hossain said, ‘Successful Maltese farmers Meher Ali and Hossain Sardar of Dumuria Upazila Agriculture Department buy saplings from the garden and distribute them among the farmers free of cost. The Maltese variety produced in Meher Ali’s garden is large and sweet. He keeps in constant touch with our agriculture office. We also always advise him to apply modern techniques.
Khulna District Additional Deputy Director Udyan Md. Nazrul Islam said that the youth of the area are inclined to cultivate Malta as it is more profitable with less capital. In addition to motivating Maltese farmers, all kinds of cooperation are also being provided. This year, Malta has been planted on a commercial basis in about 30 hectares of land in the district.

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